Four nights Wednesday until Sunday

From check in Wednesday night to leaving Sunday you will be treated to a journey of discovery! I offer four nights of lodging .in a nice upgraded Cabin that sits on my property- and Coffee or Tea and breakfast every day (coordinated to your diet needs). Included is a one hour long session of your choice (meditation, bowl therapy, guided martial arts instruction or acupressure release points) per day. The area is rich with Spring and Summer entertainment! Hot Springs has many places to soak from vintage 1920's style Symes to the rugged outdoor Big Medicine Soak or Rosies Pond! There are also many biking and hiking opportunities or just hanging out in downtown Hot Springs! If you want to fly in to Glacier International Airport or Missoula Regional Airport I can accommodate your transportation. 

Himalayan Singing Bowl


As a Certified Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapist I can help you with blockages, disharmony and sore muscles with a tried and true method created by Suren Shrestha. I have been trained to render treatments to ease Depression, Anger, and Stress. I also will do Entity clearing and Chakra resonance work on you to isolate and open Portals. With instruction that will help you to develop your Tool Kit of Resonance tones and Personal Notebook to take with you and assist your path to the higher dimensional shifts.

Divine Feminine Tunings

Sound Activation to Optimize All Chakras

One of the most exciting aspects of our work at Trinity Pines Healing Arts is Sound Alchemy. Musical Harmonies in Nature abound..

“Pythagoras said that the universal Creator had formed two things in his/her own image: The first was the cosmic system with its myriads of suns, moons and planets. The second was man, in whose nature the entire universe existed in miniature.”

— Manly P. Hall, ‘Melchiziedek and the Mystery of Fire’.

The planetary sound pattern at the moment of birth is mirrored in the human energy system. Our voice is encoded with the song of the stars! We are given the sound keys to unlock our greatest potential and open gateways for healing. Trinity Pines Healing Arts will be offering this new Service in 2018.