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This deck is deeply grounding and meaningful. It is easy to use and over time has become a favorite source for insight and wise guidance. When it was first given to me many years ago, I didn't understand how a bunch of animals could be of help to me or to others. When I finally gave the deck a chance to teach me the value of animal guidance I felt a very huge heart felt gift, it has found it's way into the circle of things that I used and valued very much. Learning this deck the wealth of information about the Animal Guides and having done 100's of hours long sessions, I am now proud to say this is something I am offering to my Students and Seekers of Guidance with the Love and Care for the EARTH MOTHER and all of the WONDERFUL guiding CREATURES with so MUCH to offer us. This deck is so divinely loved and cared for it will impress you with the accuracy and the Animal Guides it brings to you that you will come to depend on for your every day issues.

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