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I have my favorite CARDS  that I read from the Ascended Master Cards.. they are great for a targeted and focused reading when help is only right outside of your consiousness. I do a three card past future present issue spread and then elaborate with your targeted questions on what has brought you to this space. Then I do another FUTURE reading with another three cards to explain what your options are. This is $50 Dollars USD and lasts about a HALF HOUR. 30 minutes long. I ask that you be prepared with a question or issue that you have meditated on and that you know a couple of things about the Cards. I can explain these to you with a text or FB messenger conversation or a personal phone call. Numbers will be provided as we communicate with each other and after you have paid on my linked PayPal account on the website. Thank you and IN SERVICE. Candace

What is your principle focus for today?

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