Of all the places to be, I AM here. We are ALL here now. We all can always be in that one place where Father Sky meets Montana Mountains meets Mother Earth. Because we are a part of the ALL. How do we get there? It is with Silence and Stillness that we feel and know and become. The JOURNEY is for every individual to Know ..to Do ..to Dare and to BE the Silence. Open up and absorb the new Resonance. It is the story of everything one has done up to now and everywhere that one has been, that we arrive at this point in time. With modern life we become overwhelmed. Details, schedules, interaction with others, illness, loss, hardship, the list is added onto every day. Take a moment to feel the wind, the birds song, the silence and get away from the intensity. Take a guided retreat to the small town setting in Hot Springs Montana and feel the energies all around you sooth the Soul. Stay here for a day or a week. I can assist you in finding the Silence. Walk the Labyrinth, Meditate and Soak in the Water. Visit the horses for some Horse Assisted Psychotherapy. Listen to the Tibetan Himalayan Singing Bowls. Hike or Bike the trails across the Valley or into the Mountains. Talk a walk into town for some Healthy Organic Food at Camas Market/Cafe. Relax and have Reflexology or a great Massage in this town of many Healing Arts! Enjoy a night on the town Hot Spring style! Stay for a day or a week and see Lake Mary Ronan and the Eagles, Boat on the Flathead, visit Glacier Park! It is quiet here, it is safe here, it is a great place to unwind and enjoy some YOU time!    Namaste'